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Damn you, pesky lungs

Woke up at 5am with tight chest, slightly short of breath :( It eased a bit, but couldn't get comfy enough to sleep again and I've had to miss church :( It's AGES since I've had to miss a service because of my lungs :(

I have to say though, that something that did seem to help was some ginger tea (this may sound odd). It just felt like it helped clear some of the gak in my chest. It's the Pukka 3 ginger tea that I've got - someone told me it would help, so I thought it was worth a shot :) But I'm still in bed, the stairs are still giving me grief today. At least the goo in my chest has dissipated a bit.

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Oh no Piglet :( Hope you feel better soon and get some sleep.


Awwww piglet sorry to hear you've had to miss church. :-(

I hope your lungs settle down soon, I think lots of your super duper ginger tea is in order :-)


I got a bit of extra sleep, watched The Voice from last night, did the dishwasher, fussed the new cat... and now I'm wiped out and in bed again :(

Trying to get the energy to get up and connect the laptop to the TV in preparation for the footy later. So far it is not working.


awww piglet :-( Hope you feel better soon

I hate missing church too(though the congregation probably like me missing hahaha) I go running and swimming before church on a sunday so consequently cough my way through the service - especially as i play my flute so more work for the lungs to do LOL


I sing in the choir, so no chance of me managing that!

As a compromise I've managed to connect the computer to the upstairs TV to watch the footy, just did not have the energy to sort it downstairs.


Oh Piglet, I'm sorry you're not well and hope you pick up again soon.


On days like today piglet we know we have to listen to our bodies and rest, no matter how much we dislike giving in!

Hope you got the result you wanted in the footie :-)


Thanks everyone.

I at least enjoyed the football, not that I was too bothered about the results though as my team's season had already finished.

Flopped out on the sofa with a blanket now :)


Hi piglet

I've got the same tea - I love it! It's the best ginger tea I've ever tried. I have it with some honey and find it very soothing.

Hope you're better soon x


I do hope you start to feel better soon Piglet.


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