Yet another trip to A&E :(

Well literally been out of hospital an hour after 4+ hours sat in A&E. Had a bad attack at my parents house where im staying while my fellas on nights as ive not been feeling too great, and low n behold mum had to ring for an ambulance which seemed to terrify her until they arrived and gave me two nebs back to back, followed by oxygen .... Such fun! NOT :(

All in all my hyper secreation mucus lungs arent showing signs of infections and my bloods where all good.

Oh well I'm exhausted so signing off. Hope your all doing good

Jilly xxxx

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  • Oh no Jilly!

    Sorry to hear you've had a bad night, I hope your lungs start behaving and settle down quickly.

    Lots of rest is the order of the day!

    Take care x

  • Oh no, hope you feel better Jilly! Get some rest. xx

  • Sorry to year you've been so rough, MooMoo, but thank heavens you realised that you needed someone to be with you and went to stay with your parents.

  • Make sure to use an AeroChamber with your puffers!

  • Make sure to use an AeroChamber with your puffers!

    Not sure how this is relevent to the original post talking about A&E and nebs i.e. nebulisers which are not used with spacers?!

    Moomoo, sorry to hear you needed a visit from the men in green and a trip to A&E. Good to see you were not on your own, hope you are doing better now.

  • Thanks for your messages, I'm finally starting to feel abit better breathing wise. Was really scary especially after last time but thankfully the paramedics arrived within minutes of my mum ringing for them and they were really great and made me feel at ease.

    Jilly xx

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