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cough and muchus

hi all my son is 7 and has been on the brown inhaler 4 5 weeks now, after about 3 weeks there was a huge improvement in his hacking cough and the thick green muchus, i was so relieved to see some huge changes , now in the last week the cough has returned although not as bad as before and the green muchas is now back, he has allergies and is on a anti histamine every day, although we have been carefull not to be around these ,( cat, dog, wheat , milk,.) his peak flow readings are all over the place now aswell ,just wondering if any 1 has any advice 4 me,... thanks

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I'm not sure but i *think* i've heard green mucus indicates an infection so might be worth going back to the GP

You could ring the AUK nurses for their advice to see what they say about the mucus etc


I agree jinglfairy

green mucus indicates an infection

do tell your gp that the mucus is green


Ditto what the others said.

Green mucus normally meand there is an infection.



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