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Hi all fairly new to this I was diagnosed in September following a severe attack. since then whenever I get a cold my symptoms flare up terribly and I experience wheezing, coughing etc and I don't seem to be able to get through the cold without at least 1 course of steroids. Do others get like this? I feel like I've been permanently in my doctors over the last few months

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Clare, you are SO not alone in this! The sad thing is that other people don't get that a 'simple cold' which lasts about 48 hours for them will give you a couple of weeks of misery and when you say that you'd rather they stayed away from you when they have a cold they tell you that it's ok, they can cope! Then you either have to tell them that you don't care how they are, it's your own health that worries you or just shut up and let them breathe their nasty virus all over you.

oooh, I didn't realise how annoying I find this. Maybe I should have put it in the 'rant and moan' area on the off topic board. I'll just slink off into the corner and hunt for my sense of humour.


I feel your pain! I am incapable of fighting off a simple cold nowadays, it always turns into a chest infection, requiring a couple of weeks of antibiotics and steroids.

I imagine it would need less time on antibiotics if they would listen to me when I tell them amoxycillin doesn't shift it, and doxycycline is what actually works.


you're deffinately not alone with this one, I think a lot of us have this problem. I seem to get every cold going around and it's on my chest within a couple days, a big dive in pf and back on antibiotics and steroids, blergh. I think going to the docotor/asthma nurse a lot is just something that you might have to get used to. Maybe worth talking to your asthma nurse/consultant about it as there may be something they can do.

Lou x


Definately agree what everything everyone else has said, colds are satans spawn as far as im concerned and as soon as someone comes near me with one i get this feeling of 'please don't pass it to me' which im sure mujst show on my face!


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