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Moving from full time work to less hours does it help?

The subject say's it all, I have been struggling with asthma and Addison's (as a result of asthma treatment) for some time. I have just had my first ICU and ventilation which was scary and my lungs are taking there time to recover. I have started back at work doing a small amount of hours each day to slowly build up my strength again. Work are concerned that I get well and stay well for about 3 months then have a very big attack and end up very ill for weeks. One of the things they are suggesting is reducing my hours in the office and maybe doing some of the work from home or just reducing my hours.

Has anyone done this and found an improvement in symptoms or a reduction in attacks? A reduction in my hours could impact money but working some of my hours from home would not. I see the work doctor tomorrow so I'm going to discuss all the options with him but wondered if anyone else has done this or been through this. Work are great and just want me healthy for longer periods of time its just working out what is best.

Thanks Amanda

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When I was working I was offered this option, unfortunately could not take it because of money issues. For me I do not think it would have helped as I was comming into contact at work with things I was allergic to and triggering my asthma.

Good luck with getting work sorted out, I hope things went well with your meeting with work doctor.


Hi Amanda

If you are able to work from home I'd say go for it. I work part time but also have the option of working from home which has helped enormously with my condition.

When I fall ill it can take weeks to recover and just having that option of not having to go into the office has allowed me to stay in my job.

It's not just the stress of doing a days work, you have to think of the effort of commuting, facing bad weather not to mention being around other people and their germs. It all makes a difference.

Hope you manage to sort something out :)


I am about to find this out! I'm just about to start a new job which is part time, whereas I've always been full time in the past.

Certainly since I've not been at work my lungs have greatly improved - I've not had a chest infection for a few months now, which is brilliant, whereas when I worked full time I was getting them every other month or so.

I would definitely try home working before deciding to reduce your hours. I was always jealous of my partner who is self employed and works from home - she gets to work in her pyjamas! ;-P


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