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Birthday Blip

It's my birthday today and i went horse riding this evening (as i do every fortnight)

Unfortunately tonight my asthma decided to make itself known, oops. We were trotting round a lot and i could feel my breathing going weird and i felt a bit dizzy. I had to turn the horse in to the centre, Heather (the instructor) was behind me at that point asked was i ok so as i shook my head she came round to front to see what was up. I had the inhaler then we started doing canter one at a time so she left me to the end and asked did i want to do it. i was ok by then cos i'd stopped when i knew i could sort it easily rather than pushing past it and quite possibly making things far worse. I was ok to carry on the lesson but felt not 100% for the rest of the time and still now my breathing feels a bit twitchy .

Ho hum, it's another group of people who know me who *didn't* know i was asthmatic - they do now *sigh*

Ah well - better than falling off the horse!!!!

Didn't stop me enjoying my mum's home-made Death By Chocolate cake when i got home though mmmm

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Happy Birthday!

Oh, that's rubbish on your birthday. ""oo, I didn't know you were asthmatic"" great, just what you want to hear (not). Hope your lungs are less twitchy soon. Good that you could still enjoy the chocolate cake. X


Happy Birthday

I hope your lungs start to feel better soon


ooh happy birthday! Shame that lungs can't leave you alone on your birthday but as we all know they are massive party poopers!

At least you enjoyed the cake - that sounds like a good cake to me, mmmmmm - send some over if you can spare it ;)


I hope that the rest of your birthday made up for your 'blip' and that the cake was as yummy as it sounds.


Happy birthday for yesterday!!!


Thanls for the birthday wishes :-)

mmmmm there's plenty of cake left and it's VERY rich - can only eat a small amount at a time. Philomela if it was possible to send chocolate cake via cyber space you'd be welcome to some :-)

(hope that works)

unfortunately the lungs have decided to keep making themselves known today, i'm not majorly bad but enough to be annoying - to myself and others. I'm not a quiet asthmatic - i cough a lot LOL


mmmm that looks like good cake! Love the cat in the wrapping paper as well!

Glad I have some cake downstairs (just randomly) or I'd be climbing the walls right now lol.

My family is still pretending they think I'm allergic to chocolate. Though coincidentally on the day I had allergy tests at the hospital my chocolate desk calendar informed me that an actual chocolate allergy is very rare and it's usually an allergy to something else in the finished product. I don't know if that's true but I lost NO time in passing it on lol.


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