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Seretide success?

Hi everyone,

I hope you and yours are all doing well. As predicted, Leo's asthma started to flare up over the weekend, about 8 wks after his last hospital admission. This time I started him on his emergency preds straight away (well, a day after his symptoms began because the first day I wasn't sure whether it was just the start of a cold).

I didn't think that they would make a huge difference and even phoned the ward (he has open access) letting them know we would probably be coming in later that day.

5 hours later he was bouncing on the trampoline! The change in him was amazing, he has had 9 courses of pred in the last yr including one that lasted for 3 wks and it has NEVER taken effect this quickly before, we were amazed!

I put it down to the Seretide that he has had for 6 weeks as I can't think of any other explanation. He has two puffs twice a day. If this is working without the Singulair then I am really pleased and hopeful that we will now be able to keep his asthma under control and keep him out of hospital...I almost feel that I might be tempting fate writing this but so far so good....

It might be nice to hear of other success stories like Leo's so if you have one feel free to add it in here :)

Rebecca x

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That's fantastic news Rebecca, long may it continue! I'm guessing after 6 weeks with the Seretide you weren't really expecting that but crossing fingers it keeps working and Leo is able to stay out of hospital and do normal things. I always think it seems harder for children in particular to have severe or poorly controlled asthma as normally they're so active and want to be running around and bouncing on trampolines etc; hard for an adult as well as I know from being on this forum but there are so many fun kid's things you can't do if you get SOB easily. I hope Leo is now able to do all of them, within reason!

Not a child, or a parent, and my asthma's not as bad as Leo's but have recently had a similar experience with Symbicort - hadn't had much luck with things working before, still taking loads of reliever etc and suddenly in the last few days after about 3.5 weeks on it it's really started to make a significant difference with much longer between reliever puffs and able to do more! Even though I'm really in the wrong section thought I'd add my experience so people can see it's worth keeping on with the combos as they might just make a big difference!

(PS now I want a trampoline as well lol - why should kids have all the fun? ;))


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