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Travel/holiday questions

Sorry, me again... ;)

Going to America on the 15th, yay! Just about to sort travel insurance which I asked about before in another thread, lots of helpful answers so thanks.

Just a couple of questions:

*I've looked up what I need on AUK site, NHS choices, airline site etc and it seems to be:

-Take meds in original boxes and in hand luggage.

-Take prescription in case you lose anything and need to get more.

-Travel insurance documents.

-Also said on airline website that I'd need letter from dr saying that they'd prescribed meds and what for. As it's the airline saying this perhaps I'd better but seems overkill if I have prescriptions and the others on here generally get one of these? I feel like I'm always pestering my surgery for something and don't want to if it's unnecessary.

Am I missing anything here?

Also: I'm travelling to the East Coast so will gain 5 hrs on the way and lose 5 on the way back. How does it work with taking medication - is it best to take it at the time you would have done at home ie if body says it's 11pm take even though local time is 6pm? Or to adapt to the new time straightaway?

Think this is it - not really so worried about the asthma kicking off esp. as it seems better than usual atm (plus I've travelled recently in Europe and it was worse, unpleasant but manageable), more about security etc and possible bureaucratic hurdles. Any advice about travelling with asthma in general, or to America specifically, welcomed though I know as I'm not severe some won't apply like fitness to fly - unlikely to be a problem unless I do laps round the departure lounge with my suitcase spraying deodorant lol.

Thanks - sorry for a long post!

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Oh philomena sorry nothing concrete to contribute to your questions.....but just wanted to say you made me giggle with your last sentence!

Hope you have a healthy safe trip x


I would ask for the letter. Tell your GP the airline demand it. I am forever getting letters from my GP for all sorts of things.

When I go on holiday I almost always have some interesting medication with me, of the sort that is a class B drug without a prescription , so I make sure I have the prescription and a letter from my GP just so I'm covered.

I'm not sure about the other stuff I'm afraid.

Hope you have an awesome time x


i went to America a few years ago (via canada, not sure if it makes a difference) but i didn't actually think ahead to any of that. I'm only on 2 standard inhalers but if i remembe rightly i didn't even have the boxes with me - and i know i definitely didn't take a spare prescription - oops!! I think i had 2 preventers & 3 relievers with me in case of loss / running out but it was never questioned at all.

Basically i think i'm saying you've done your homework so you should be fine :-) The amount of asthmatics in the world they must see literally 1000s of inhalers go through every day!


I've not been to America but have travelled elsewhere. I did have the letter you mention, but in all my travels it's only been looked at once, but I feel better having it. The only problem I've ever had was travelling through Bangkok airport and they suddenly 'forgot' how to understand English having conversed perfectly well, and got really stroppy about my needles - thankfully a very nice pilot-man helped me out! I'm going to Ireland at the end of this month and I'll take a letter even for that, just to make sure I'm covered.

Time difference: I guess it's about personal preference and depends how long you're going for. Bigger time differences (other side of the world) are easier than shorter ones. I did change to the new time-zones because especially with the Pred, I didn't want to be taking it at night and having it keep me awake.

Oh, and I think you should try the running around the airport thing - might pass the time nicely! :)


Thanks, Philomena - I hadn't thought about taking a copy of my prescription with me in case I manage to be a total muppet and lose my inhaler, even though I plan on taking at least two with me because I keep having premonitions about dropping one and watching it roll across the deck and over the side before bobbing off towards the Black Sea never to be seen again!

Have a great time in the US, but watch out for the chocolate - it's horrible!


Thanks everyone! And Annista, you're welcome - where are you off to exactly? I will watch out for the chocolate, though I don't think I can go cold turkey for 2 weeks so they'd better have some decent stuff somewhere (besides, what if it's REALLY the chocolate and not the Symbicort that helps? ;))

Ratty, I would quite like to get ON the plane and actually go, and even if the lungs don't object I suspect I might be arrested, or maybe sectioned lol. I did have to declare I wasn't prone to behaviour which might harm myself or another...think the deodorant at least might qualify hehe.

The funny thing with all this is that when I travel in Europe I'm not really bothered about it - I don't even think about travel insurance which I know is a bad idea, just take my EHIC card and sail through! But somehow America scares me as I think I've heard too many horror stories about security, so even though I know they must see lots of inhalers and it's not like I'm trying to take oxygen or nebs or anything, I have this totally paranoid fear that they won't let me fly without everything being documented...


I concur on the chocolate - it's vile! A former colleague brought some Hershey's back and seriously, it tasted of vomit. Not kidding!


Hi philomela,

Your repeat prescription request is enough to take with you.



Thanks Angelica! Was leaning towards that as a letter did seem overkill given I've not even been asked anything in Europe! Like I say I am a bit paranoid when it comes to America as just have less experience I guess.


Understandable as getting into the u.s.a. is a bit of a nightmare with their security but this is what we advise our customers when they travel there. X


I'd forgotten about the chocolate - how could i ?!?!?

My mum's sister lives in canada and whenever someone goes over there from here she puts in an order for LOADS of cadbury chocolate LOL I can't remember if we ever found any half decent chocolate :-/


Never mind the tight security and the asthma meds, you guys are really scaring me now lol! I don't think I've ever gone 2 weeks without chocolate (but I could give it up any time if I tried ;))

I don't really like milk chocolate though so hoping the dark might be better. They have Green & Black's in America right? Or at least cooking chocolate.


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