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Good news!

Just wanted to share - have been having a few unexpectedly good days with 6/7 hour gaps between reliever sometimes, fewer puffs throughout the day and able to go to the gym today and walk/pedal a bit faster than usual without feeling completely knackered and breathless afterwards and like I want to lie down for a while! Can't remember last time I was able to leave this long between reliever puffs even with exercise.

Not only is this generally good, but as nothing else has changed I think it might be the Symbicort actually starting to work!! Which is good for many reasons apart from symptom relief, including me having something to show my cons next time I see him so he has a better idea of what's going on.

If it completely controls things I'd start wondering if I really needed the RBH tests as feel I'd be taking up their time unnecessarily if I've managed to get control - on the other hand this is probably me getting overly excited and projecting a bit too far into the future; I might just be having a good few days or might need something else on top. But it feels like a positive step atm.

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WOW! You must be so relieved... literally! lol. I would definitely go for the tests still at RBH as it gives you a whole picture of what is going on for the future. And you may still need other meds to do the job fully, But how exciting!! After 2 years of patience you need this. I hope it continues Philomela xx


That's fab news! Fingers x for you it is the symbicort and you are getting a bit of control :-)


Great news :) Long may it continue!


I'm so pleased that Symbicort seems to be working for you. It's been my very best friend for just over a year now and we go everywhere together. I agree with JF about keeping your appointment at RBH, though.

Keep well.


Thanks everyone - so far seems to be holding up, though I was in a smoky (woodsmoke) pub today which didn't help - still, not bad as it would usually have more of an effect!

Think I probably will go for the RBH tests then as what you say makes sense; I thought I would but then worried it was taking up their time for nothing, but if they're arranging things and seeing physios etc it would be good to have that even if nothing else.


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