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I have been on seretide[/b] along with spriva for a long time but the seretide causes mouth infections

prior to that I was on symbicotr and spiriva

I have asked toi go back on symbicort but wasnt as good turns out had a bit of chest infection

I am told there is a risk of pnuemonia with one and something else with the other anhyone tell me the difference which is best intheir opinion

Had a phase when like a lot of poeple was taken off all my inhalers and put on several difference types of relievers ended up at the hospital when I was put nback on my (above) original inhalers

interested in anyone else who has used both believe seretide is the most expensive so maybe why more symbicort is prescribed

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Can't really comment on which is 'best' - not qualified and also I believe it depends on the person as some people find one is better than the other - I know from here that some people swear by Symbicort and others find it doesn't work for them at all so seems to be pretty individual.

Have been told Symbicort is relatively expensive (pharmacist said good but expensive) but have no idea of the cost compared to Seretide or what they'd be thinking. Could ask the AUK line maybe if you're wondering what to do?


There is no such thing as a ""best"" medication in any illness really. Different people respond to different things, the important thing is what works best for you. Symbicort is better for me than seretide, but my former boss found seretide great.

Also, it isn't you that needs to worry about the cost, so if you feel that the one that works is the more expensive one then make sure your voice is heard on that.

Do you keep any form of diary on your symptoms? If you've changed inhalers a few times that could be useful to see any differences the different inhalers make to your asthma.


I agree with piglet it is a matter of finding the right medication or combination that works for you...

I have been on both symbicort and seretide and I find that I get along better with the seretide, but this is mostly due to the symbicort being a powdered inhaler which I really do not like using, I am the same with any powdered inhaler. Asthma wise neither for me makes much difference. Having said that I also use the spriva resmat and prefer its delivery method as the particles are smaller in the delivered mist.


I've been on a few different things myself, as some inhalers give me worse palpitations that others. Advair here in the US, I think that's seretide there, works great for my asthma, but get palpitations several times a day. On the other hand, if I take just flovent (fluticasone), no palpitations, but it doesn't always work as well. But the flovent, with a rescue inhaler a bit more often than usually recommended both works, and doesn't bother my heart as much as the advair. I'm just saying, sometimes it takes a bit to find something that works, and you're comfortable with.




As has been said it really is a matter of trial and error with the medications to an extent to find out what suits you best. If you are having concerns about possible side effects I would recommend that you raise this with your medical team who will be able to advise you more accurately than we can.

Good luck



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