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Sorry - totally pointless curiosity!

Deleted - sorry, this really was a bit pointless about something so small. Idle curiosity really given I've been studying nerve cell signalling and potassium so it was just thinking out loud in an attempt to avoid actually doing some work. It really doesn't bother me, I am not anxious about it in the slightest, I just find it vaguely interesting.

However this is probably the kind of thing GrannyMo was talking about as it sounds like I'm obsessing even though I am not really concerned that this is somehow remotely significant - I just get interested in muscles etc. So really sorry for randomly sharing, I should probably just stick to Wikipedia-surfing lol to satisfy my curiosity as this is not really what AUK is for.

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It could be anxiety, that often causes twitches, you do seem awfully worried about possibly having asthma all the time and research every thing so thoroughly (even a twitch). Maybe its time to see the gp again and get some kind of relaxant, you are obviously worried about it or you would not have felt the need to post for such a minor complaint. Wishing you the very best of luck.


Thanks for reply - have basically deleted. I'm not bothered about it and don't think it's anything to worry about, it was just idle curiosity spilling over from what I study, so sorry about taking up the board with it since it is minor as you say, and not really what it's for.


Hi! I think I might have missed some of your post, but just wanted to say that one time when I ended up in the ER, with pneumonia, they actually had a fit over the fact that my potassium was ""dangerously low."" It does cause muscle twitching, and cramps actually. And albuterol and a few other asthma meds, can cause it to be lower. So if you're getting twitches, I would ask about it.



Thanks Bee! I was basically just asking if it might be related to the medication like you say, as I was a little curious about what was causing the twitches - think my inner 5-year-old (and inner geek lol) is well and truly active and doesn't like to leave things alone until I know 'why' something's happening even if it's not a big deal. Drives people mad sometimes, I know.

They're not really an issue as a symptom (they're not that frequent or pronounced so not bothering me) and it doesn't seem worth bothering a dr about but I might try to eat a few more bananas.


Noticed you were interested in muscle reactions.

My ribcage physically shrinks during an asthma event between 2-4 inches, no idea why, typically doctors don't measure things, but this is a huge physical effect i have no explanation for


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