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feeling unwell

Hi everyone im new to the forum but have been watching for a while now, just want some advice really, In March i was really bad with my asthma and was on steriods nebs and alot of trips to a+e, I have woken up this morning with my throat feeling a bit raw and a cold, just feel funny between my nose and throat, any tips on anything u would recommend using to stop making this worse I have taken my inhalor more today following my action plan, just dont want it to get as bad as the last time again :(

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Hey Roxy,

Welcome to the forum :)

I get that a lot when my sinuses are full or irritated, so normally just before a cold or sinus infection. I always steam! Grab a bowl and add hot water (not boiling hot or you might burn your face) and I sometimes add some tea tree oil or menthol. I also have Manuka honey to help my throat and sooth it.

I found the asthma nurses that you can speak to here really helpful too so they can give you advice too.

Hope you feel better soon.




My friend also use to take Active Manuka Honey for Soar throat.It Really helps.Please try it!!!!


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