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Frustrated (bit of a rant)

Well it had all been going so well, even managed to get through the majority of winter with no real problems,coped with a berevement whilst still keeping everything under control.

Then all of a sudden have a week with bad asthma symptoms everyday (dont really know what constitutes using the word attack so I dont tend to use it) a rash from a clenser I was using that has affected my entire face. The grand total of which has ended up with me back at the docs straight from work after worrying several colleagues and coming home with more inhalers and more lil red!

Needless to say I'm struggling with enthusiasm at the min guys and feeling rather down harted so this has all turned into a bit of a rant.

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Sorry to hear you are having a bad week asthma wise... I was wondering reading your post are you allergic to sulphites or salicylates because they can be found in facial cleansers and this could give you an allergic reaction and set off your asthma. It might be worth asking your GP about it and with their support trying to avoid products with these chemicals in for a couple of weeks each to see if you get any improvement.


I've never heard of these, but i've often had problems with using certain products so it would be fab to work out what it was. Because my asthma normally isn't too much hassle no one has ever made an effort to help me work out the triggers to either my asthma or my skin sensitivities, the only ones we do know is hayfever even the fact that stress makes it worse is doubted depending which nurse I have.

Been sent home early from work now and instructed to take tomorrow off too else I would have made myself go back in tomorrow as I don't like letting people down but my chest was so bad today it was hard work even just going from room to room.

Frustrated much!


Sorry that you are having such a bad time with your asthma, I hope things improve for you soon.


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