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Hi All,

An estimated 90% of asthmatics, and 10-50% of given athletic populations suffer from exercise induced asthma! With a high prevalence in endurance sports do you suffer from asthma or exercise induced asthma?

If yes then we need you!

I am a PhD researcher running a number of research trials at Nottingham Trent University these are examining the diagnosis of EIA and in a novel and exciting step whether the managment of EIA can be improved through dietary manipulation.

Who can take part?

- Physically active men (training 3-4 hours a week) aged 18-45

- Who get wheezy and tight chested during exercise or on the cessation of exercise and/or have asthma.

What will you get out of it?

– We will confirm whether you have exercise induced asthma (it is commonly misdiagnosed!),

- Provide free fitness testing,

- Potentially reduce your asthma symptoms.

Next Step - If you would like more information please contact

Mr Neil Williams:, 0115 8483820 or

Dr Michael Johnsons:

This study has been approved by Nottingham Trent University’s Ethics Committee

Many Thanks,

Neil Williams

Sport, Health and Performance Enhancement (SHAPE) Research Group

School of Science and Technology, Clifton

Nottingham Trent University

NG11 8NS

Nottingham, UK.

0115 8483820


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