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Carbonated drinks


I was wondering if anyone else has noticed a difference in their asthma if they stop drinking carbonated drinks (coke, pepsi,lemonade etc etc)

I had a habit of drinking these types of drink direct from the bottle or can and since i stopped and started drinking water or still drinks my wheezing has reduced dramatically

I have tried to find out if any research has been done into this problem and am still waiting for answers back


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Many hospitals are now recommending reduced salicylate and sulphate diets for many asthmatics, especially atopic. Carbonated drinks contain high levels of both I believe so that could be why.

Try the links below they may help you spot more patterns, certainly not a cure all but can and does make a difference.



All the best



Oh that's really interesting! I drink a lot of pepsi max........


i could have understood it the other way round as caffine is a mild bronchodilator so should open the airways up a bit, lol


Hi George,

A sensitivity to sulphites (not a true allergy as such) has been implicated in causing asthma flare ups. My specialist unit have asked me to keep a diary of food/drink and symptoms as the cumulative effect of too many sulphites can, in sensitive people, cause problems.

Might be worth keeping a little diary?



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