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I had a message this morning about a new user derek sending a pm ? against T&Cs. I have emailed webeditor too but for your information have banned him due to pm spam/research and I suspect commercial interest too. He has not posted anything either.

He sent this ""From: derek

Date: 28 Mar 12 10:03


I am conducting some research into air movement and would like to ask you a couple of non personal questions about the heating arrangeemtns that you have in your home.

Would that be ok?

best regards


Not only is it pm spam as he sent a similar message to several users but his profile states

Occupation: heating engineer

How would you describe your asthma?: dont suffer from it

Asthma treatments for you or your child: none

When were you or your child diagnosed?: never

Likes/Dislikes: dishonest people

Personal quote: I seek information

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Yep, looks like you did the right thing - and the fact that he used PMs to send the requests suggests he was aware that they were against the rules.


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