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New user ReblFleur, posts worrying symptoms

Has posted in 'General forum > Hello, am new here :) x' tinyurl.com/6suo8jf about ""feeling all weak with massive shortness of breath, pain & a fainting heartbeat.."" and then mentions a heart murmur and says about ""skin is slightly blue-/violet-ish..?"" and so on prompting several worried users to answer saying about get help.

I have replied with a welcome and also a reminder to read terms & conditions followed with a message to explain more in person.

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Good call. When someone turns up and puts that in their second post, an alarm bell starts ringing!


Reply recently from Reblfleur via pm plus longer post on the thread:


I am sorry that you got a bad 1st impression of myself, I rly didn't mean to break te rules, I rly wanna apologise!

I jus find it so heard to deal with all that, so I try to pick up as much advice I can't about my asthma, esp. since I don't found most of my gp's very helpful so far, not takin me seriously even tho I have my nightly episodes & stuff :(

Jess x


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