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Hello & Speedle=coolgirl=cysticfibroses?

Hello (waves) all,

Glad to be here I think,

Anyway, I have my doubts on what speedle's been saying as severe asthma since birth/hospital a lot/bruising/granny died after aortic dissection/now has acute lymphobastic leukaemia. I had a quick look at IP addresses and up pop coolgirl & cysticfibroses on one of the same IPs all of which seem to be in Norway? I know this is not reliable but they all have the same style of posting in that always start a new thread never responding on the same one, capitals and punctation missing completely, similar profiles apart from age.

Also, what do you think of the muesli post in off-topic today, (did make me laugh) and also should a research doctor post looking for topics for an asthma awareness event (which I do think is a great idea)?


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Speedle did flag up with me initially when I saw her posts about Granny dying. Definitely needs to be kept an eye on. You are right, the IPs being from Norway is pretty distinctive.

The Museli post was....interesting ( but a good bit of lateral thinking from the person suggesting wheat allergy). I hear a lot of interesting health beliefs day to day but museli as a cure for asthma is a new one!

It is difficult to tread the line between keeping posts safe and censoring reasonable freedom of speech. My personal view is that anyone is welcome to post on the boards about anything they feel helps asthma, including Buteyko, seaweed or museli - but they must be prepared for one of us to pop in and remind people not to stop their usual medication before talking to their doctor, blah blah, and also for some fairly staunch debate. Many people find help from alternative therapies and I feel it is better to encourage debate and examine the subject rather than just quashing it.

I didn't wipe off the doctor's post as I thought it wasn't really research, more just getting ideas. That was my perception, anyway. But you are right, any ""research"" requests, surveys etc must be passed through AUK first.


I have asked webed for the email addresses for these three accounts. When I get them, I'll start investigating.


Cathbear as you say re Speedle. I know some people have very bad luck but that is odd in the least.

Re the muesli post, ought to see the spillover onto Facebook ;). Oh my is all I can say, think it'll go down in history and live on for some time.

Had a patient pull out something in the waiting room today about lemons being a cure for cancer, hmm think not or I'd be out of a job if only it was that easy.

Thanks for clarification re medical advice and research vs ideas.

Peaksteve, will be interesting to see outcome of emails.


Did you ever see the list that was circulating - things that the Daily Mail says cause cancer, and things that the Daily Mail says cures cancer? Wasn't surprising to see certain things were on both lists....!



Another one to add to this Norwegian list. Noticed her thread as she claims to be 14, and posted at 1:40am.

IP traces to netcom in Norway - Steve says a mobile phone in Norway, looking at the domain tools report.


More to the point, it absolutely fixes the position of the poster as Norway - if they had a Norwegian SIM card in their mobile and were posting from the UK, they would roam onto one of the UK networks and their IP trace would lead there. Also, Netcom.no is an ISP that links to other IP addresses used by these ""people"".


Good point Steve re mobiles, any details of email addresses?

Hmm, same style of writing again too?!

Not sure if I'm just too suspicious but has anyone else reported these users yet?

Cathy, I suspect virtually everything has come up on these daily mail-esque lists.


I have email addresses; let the hunt begin!

Coolgirl uses the address nicegirl5556@yahoo.no - a Norwegian Yahoo account. A quick Google search only yields a few results:


She's looking for a pro-anorexia friend...


Posting to a generic help website with a question about a nebuliser.


Voting in the poll on this page, which at least suggests that she also speaks Norwegian.

However, Facebook - as ever! - has the paydirt:


We have a person. No age is listed, but her school leaving year (2005) combined with the Wikipedia article on the Norwegian education system (!) suggests that she is 23/24. I think the photos on Facebook agree with this guesstimate.

Moving on to cycticfibroses, who uses the email address angelfacejamie0707@gmail.com:

No Google results. No Facebook account. This is an email address that has kept a *very* low profile!

On to speedle, who uses keybladerroxas1@gmail.com:

Interestingly, she used that address to make a comment on this page:


However, comments are normally hidden, and as new videos get added the one she commented on will move lower down the order, so it would take me an eternity to find the comment. The page is a collection of asthma videos.

She also has a YouTube account with that username:


This too lists her location as Norway, and her age as 14. Virtually everything uploaded here is Japanese anima animatios, which links nicely to...

lightning, who uses the email address finalanimegirl@gmail.com:

As with cysticfibroses, this has no hits anywhere.

So, a summary:

As is fairly typical with trolls, she has used her real email address with the first account she created, and then has used free GMail accounts for the others. Her apparent age on Facebook matches the age she gives when she first joins AUK. However, I have a niggly feeling in the back of my mind.

That first account (coolgirl) finishes on a high note - her last post is about how her new medication is working and she's feeling really good. This was in August.

The second account (cysticfibroses) posted at the same time, but stopped in July before returning in September for a on-off post about how she'd had a lung transplant and everything had gone really well. Again, ending on a high.

Speedle is different, ending on a ""meh"" just one post after reporting on her grandmother's funeral.

These three users have all, at some point, shared an IP address.

Finally we have lightning, who has only made one post.

I do wonder whether we have two people here rather than one. Possibly ""coolgirl"" and her younger sister? This sort-of fits, and also sort-of doesn't; why did they never refer to each other when they were both posting at the same time? The fact that ""coolgirl""'s email address was used to look for a pro-anorexia friend is also troubling, especially as she doesn't *seem* anorexic in the photos on Facebook (and I apologise for this sweeping generalisation about people with eating disorders).

At the moment, I can't conclusively tie these email addresses (or even just a pair of them) to the same person, but I will keep trying. We just need to keep an eye out, and also keep an eye peeled for any other suspicious new members. Lene Alice Wahlberg of Kirkenes is certainly coolgirl, but as for the rest - I'd guess she *was* all four members (based on posting style), but can't prove it yet.



I love Google. She works here:



Rather tenuous link of japanese anime, Coolgirl aka Lene Alice Wahlberg has images in her profile pics album as per speedle's youtube and lightening aka finalanimegirl@gmail.com.

Not exactly proof though.

Steve, as you mention profile pics, her facial shape does seem to change?

Also, random factoid of the day, Speedle is a character with asthma in CSI?

Interesting but not conclusive,


P.S. Steve, what area of IT are you in?


Lightning's back with another hiya post asking about meds not working and chest infection.

May be interesting to see what develops


I've started banging the ""not in the UK"" drum with you in Lightning's latest thread, TJ - interesting to see if she claims to *not* be in Norway.


Will be indeed, hasn't yet replied on any one though always starting a new thread. Still on the same IP and using the same :=)


Well, she *has* claimed to not be in Norway. I had this PM at the weekend:

""From: lightning

Date: 23 Mar 12 17:03

i am from london for your info and i am 14 and have u ever heard of amazon.com you can buy nebulisers there for your info""

Rule one - don't send sarcastic PMs to a moderator. It makes them curious. Two Amazon searches later and I sent this reply:

""To: lightning

Date: 24 Mar 12 10:03

Hi there.

Well, this seems like a very odd message to send to a moderator! Two things:

The nebuliser you say you're getting is not available from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk.

Your IP address suggests that you are posting from Norway.

Would you like to consider your reply?



I await a reply...

(...and should point out that Amazon.com don't deliver to the UK anyway.)



Wonder how they will answer that?


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