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Heads up

I am not going to get involved but it seems Olive86 and Kat (not sure what name Kat goes under here) have been having a right old Face Book ding dong. I have a copy of the saga for information purposes and Olive does strike me as overstepping the mark.

Anyway you have been warned!


ps Kira aka KSD still can't access the staffroom etc she is much better informed on this than I am!

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KSD has informed us of it, and I believe Cathy has a big file of stuff. Whilst they keep if off here there's nothing we can do about it (other than note that Olive and her cohorts are all nasty pieces of work), but if it spills out here then we can take appropriate action.

I believe Kat is kitkat@thekattery or similar.


Yes some of the stuff I've read from Olive towards Kat is rather wide of the mark, and poorly-informed. Which surprised me quite a bit coming from Olive. But as Steve says, so long as it stays away from the boards there is little we can actually do about it - which is a shame, as I would like to feel we could support these guys about it in a more official capacity.


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