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Swine flu and Alexandra

I have removed a thread of hers it was only her saying this is the thread to talk about swine flu and asthma and then her replying to herself I have done a screen grab and a quick IP address check says it is not gav-cano-wheeze but I have not been through Steve's data base. Something is not right she posted that schools would have a medical room staffed by a trained nurse a quick check with my kids all of whom to large and different secondary schools and none of them has a medical room with a nurse. Either she is a very stupid 13 year old or she is a trouble maker.

I have not sent her a warning or anything I guess I should as she is spreading the idea that swine flu vaccine can mess with your nerves and the thing about their being a medical room and trained nurse. do we have standard wording?


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I get the feeling she's just a typical hyperbolous 13-year old making a drama out of very little - personally at present I don't feel she warrants a warning above what you've written on the board.

Theoretically there is a tiny risk of Guillan-Barré syndrome from any vaccine, but the reason it's been connected with the Swine-'flu vaccine is because of the high incidence of cases following the 1970s American Swine-'flu vaccine. Thankfully vaccine technology & testing has advanced a long way since then so the risk with this vaccine is no higher than with any other.


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