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Wanted Home for over enthusiatic poster

I have just sent this to Gylnis after seeing she is having another scatter gun and now is not even bothering to read the original posters question.



Hi Glynis, just a quick note about your posting on the main board. I know you are only trying to be helpful but there is no need to reply to every post that is made and make sure you read carefully what the original poster said. Ratty said in his post about how contagious swine flu is his PF was down to around 50% and his team are monitoring the situation. So your post is of no help to the poster and I am afraid will reinforce the view that it is not worth bothering to read your posts are they add nothing to the debate or question asked. Best just stick to replying only when you have something new to add and them make sure you have read the post carefully.



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Fair point. In my inimicable style I may have phrased it slightly differently though ;-)

I'm sure it's in the T&Cs somewhere about keeping postings relevant, I sometimes find it helpful to refer/link to them to make a point.

Just as a general point (and as I have miserably failed to do a ""new mods"" briefing there is no way for you to know) we usually share intended modding actions prior to sending them :) I shall try to do some form of ""welcome"" guide, my apologies, due to all the chaos it's all been done a bit off-the-cuff.


Ooops sorry. Am used to a ""see it deal with it approach"" I am clearly guilty of glynisism myself I will hide away for a little while. And sorry again for any offence or upset caused.



Oh golly no Bex you could never be accused of being guilty of that :)


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