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Research request - again!

Copied for reference - this was from claire22:

Hey peeps I'm writing my final assignment for my OU course and its about record keeping in health and social care, I'm just wondering,

1. has anyone received the wrong treatment/care due to errors in any type of records held about them?

2. do you feel, for example, when with a doctor they write enough information in you records to reflect how you are feeling on that day?

3. If you see someone and they have forms to fill in as part of the appt, are they too concerned with filling in those forms to actually listen to you?

4. Do you think that keeping records is a good thing? too much info is taken/ not enough? nothings confindential anymore?

If anyone could help answer these questions I'd be so greatful! I know theres alot to answer but pleaseeeeeeeeee :)

Thank you



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