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Noticed ""Canonist"" posting when I logged on this afternoon - seemed to be quite familiar with people from the two posts they'd made, and a quick IP trace confirmed that it's exactly the same IP as GrafxArt.

In the meantime, Steve received a PM from a member who had been emailed off-boards explaining that this was indeed the case. The email, which had originally come from GrafxArt, claimed that Bex had banned him from the message board.

Obviously this is all ""lies, damned lies"" and just plain scurrilous, not even sure how he has got hold of your name Bex to ""blame"" you for his ""ban"", anyway after discussion with Luke he agreed to the post on the main boards to stop any vicious rumours.

Just another happy day in the moderating world...

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  • I'm spoiling for a rumble now - any cocky responses will be bluntly dealt with!

  • GrafxArt/Canonist signed up again last night, send an insulting PM to Plumie, and was subsequently banned.

    Steve emailed Luke today and this is what he had to say:

    ""I spoke to the guy (John) yesterday, as he called to ask why he’d been banned. I explained to him that he wasn’t allowed two accounts and asked if he’d seen your post. I said we were happy to reinstate his old account, but he denied ever having set up another account, been in touch with an AUK moderator - or the web team - and demanded we cancel his membership. It’s bizarre as he’s been heavily involved with us in the past and has replied to previous emails about changing his email address.""

    The whole thing is just really, really odd. I can't put my finger on what's going on here...

  • Can I just confirm that I have not banned anyone at all, in fact I have done all I can to keep people on the boards apart from Jade who I did not ban cos I was not able to!


  • Yeah we know Bex, don't worry!

  • You know I thought it was nice and peaceful back here. You know comfy chairs, cups of coffee TV on the wall. Instead it resembles mission control on apollo 13!


  • Heheh, well, there is a ""Moderator's Comfy Chair"", but I don't think that's exactly the sort of chair you had in mind ;-)

  • Speaking of which has Kira made it though the door yet? Cos if you and Steve take a weekend away and Natty is not well I could do with back up!


  • I've emailed Luke again and mentioned it!

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