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'Exercise Induced Asthma- University of Leeds Project post'

Hi all,

Just wanted to ask some advice on this post:

Designing and creating a product that will solve the problem of exercise induced asthma seems like a rather ambitious plan! That aside, 'tapping up' forum members for information in this way does seem a tad inappropriate. Only Woody-Som had replied so far and the post will no doubt drift off the list soon enough, but I wonder if you think it's worth removing it anyway?



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Good point, Luke. The last line of the ""and NOT to"" section of the T&Cs states:

"" messages to ask for participants for ANY research, be it asthma-related or not: Asthma UK insists on vetting all such requests, and so you should contact them via telephone or e-mail in the first instance"".

On that basis, I've deleted the thread.


Brilliant, thanks Steve!


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