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Virtual asthma nurse on website

Hello there,

I believe this could be my first post in the staffroom! I might not know everyone, so for those I haven't met before - my name's Louise and I'm in the Web Team along with Luke at AUK....

For the past year we've been working with our asthma nurse specialists to create an online virtual asthma nurse where people can type in a query about their asthma and possible answers would come up, sort of like a google but for asthma!

We've come to the testing point now and were wondering, as our very trust mods, could you test the virtual nurse and possibly send us some feedback?

It can be found here: asthma.org.uk/how_we_help/a...

Do bare in mind though that this will always be a work in progress and we will be adding responses to it as/when we can, but if you notice anything drastically wrong please let us know!

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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Mwahahah!! *goes off to play*


Just wondering if you've had any thoughts on this at all? We're under a bit of pressure to get this launched...

No worries if you've not had time to look at it, we just thought you might be interested! We can always make amendments or add new content once it's been launched.

Thanks :)



I did have a quick play - was going to have another go now, but I'm getting a ""file not found"" error at the moment.

The layout is good, user-friendly and responses clearly set up.

I think the search engine needs to be set up a little more specifically though - for example, searching for common questions that get asked a lot on the message board (""How much reliever can I use"", ""What other treatments are available"" etc) tended to bring up very general results, such as ""How to use your inhaler"" ""How does the preventer inhaler work"" etc.

I have no idea how search engines work, I will be honest, so I'm not sure how achievable it is (to make it more specific), because to get the ""correct"" answer to these questions would require very specific search terms and responses, which I'm not sure is possible.

Now I'm rambling like a mad woman so I'm going to shut up :)

Overall, though, I like it :)


Thanks very much Cathy!

Hope training is going well and you're all set for sunday? We are cheering on the day at City Pride so hope to see you there :)



Ooh - myself and a load of other KA volunteer loonies will be heading to City Pride too! See you there.


Wicked, look forwards to seeing you! :D


Yay! See you there :)


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