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Another research request

Copied in full here, just in case it has been posted with permission:

""Hi, my name if Jonathan Pye-Finch and I am a product design students at Leeds University. I am currently carrying out my 3rd year project looking at asthma inhalers and associated device, looking to improve the delivery of the drug with the end aim of improving user experience.

I would love to have your views on current inhalers aswell as spacers; do you benefit more form using one and what stops you from using a spacer.

If you have time it would be very helpful if you could fill out my questionnaire.

Cannot upload the questionnaire but if you send me some contact details I could send it.



I have removed the post contents and replaced it with a moderator message.

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And another, which might also be an advert:

""Breathe Simple provides breath training regimens to people who suffer from asthma. By following the Breathe Simple program, many people have drastically reduced their asthma symptoms in as little as fifteen minutes per day over the course of just two weeks.

Our treatments have been shown in several clinical trials to reduce the need for inhalers, nebulizers, and asthma medications by up to 50%. We combine these clinically-proven techniques with our proprietary training device that hooks directly to your computer - all so that we can deliver effective, affordable and convenient relief to you in the comfort of your own home.

We'd like to hear about your experiences with asthma. Here's a link to a short survey. Let us know how asthma has affected you and in return, receive a chance to win £300.


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