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Frequent poster to keep an eye on?

Just so you are aware, yes Glynis again.

Causing issues more on facebook this time as keeps closing account down/sending friend requests again to AUK members. Think she may have memory issues as I know several people including myself have had repetitive messages here and facebook friend requests etc, also e.g. asking about anti-inflammatories and asthma several times. Most posts seem rather negative/all about symptoms?

Also, in regards to collecting symptoms I have a gut feeling about her latest post under 'General forum > nose problem'. I know I have posted about sinusitis/ENT surgery as have others in the last 12 months or so. Staying well out it and gently ignoring her or polite replies only. Not sure of full story behind or outcome of 'General > Non-asthma resp. consultants' in particular using other people stories, dates mixup I could possibly understand?

Feel free to disagree/correct me if needed,

In all fairness though, she was the first to ask if I was a mod as she had spotted my name on the list

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Keeping an eye on Glynis could well be a full-time job. It should really be part of the moderator's job description ;)

If she does have genuine memory issues, that would help explain the dates issue that arose about her asthma diagnosis.


Thanks again Steve,

Indeed as you say a mods full time job, think AUK is hers. I've had more friends requests again on Facebook but less messages on here.

That is my impression anyway re memory problems as she has said a few times now things like get mixed up/don't recall exact etc

What was the outcome with the whole asthma & dates diagnosis issue or any basis for copying stories?


It looked a bit suspicious, but there was nothing we could prove - which was always going to be the case. Without meeting Glynis, no one will ever prove that she's made things up - if she has.


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