Demonstration devices

I have set up an asthma clinic in the school where i work and it is going quite nicely at the moment and i have some fantastic resources thanks to asthma uk however i feel i cud do so much better with morre, ideally i would like demonstration devices for the various inhalers but am having difficulty accessing them from the drug companies as we are not directly linked to a doctors surgery so have no one to sign for them! we are a boarding school so i feel that proper care of my pupils is vital, can anyone help me?

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  • How about contacting the GP surgery that covers your school? If it's anything like our surgery it will have quite a lot of demonstrators floating about and may be able to spare you a few. They may very well be interested in helping out if you are planning to do some asthma education as this will be helping them out too!

  • Have you also considered having a epipen trainer device? You may not have any children needing them at the moment but in this day and age of increased allergies it may be a good idea for the staff to know how to use it. They can be pbtained from the site, I think.

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