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CD sent by Asthm Uk - emergency care materials

Got mine at the end of last year & I am sorry to say I have only just found time to sit & put it in the computer. I was told by my colleagues in outpatient that theirs did not work as the computer was a communial one. However, mine did not work & IT have been to help with it this pm. He has said that it is something to do with it needing to go via a web site which hospital trust won't allow us to do. Apparently a stand alone 'flash' something is needed & that costs.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I would really like to use how to use your device with patients but cannot. If it is the same for everyone Asthma UK has really wasted alot of money on something we cannot use.


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I have only just noticed your posting. Did you ever manage to get your CD to work. Mine worked by following the instructions on the Word file but I did have to allow activex pop-up first.



Hi Angela,

No never got it working. I got our IT tech down but he said that our Trust would not allow it to be installed so never got to use it. I could have taken it home but that defeats the object as it should have been for the patients. However, that was some time ago I might try again. Was it any good?



It was quite good but the activeX came up as a virus when I did my latest virus check so wary of using it again.


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