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Air Quality Management and Asthma

I'm a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner interested in knowing whether anyone is aware of any studies that have been carried out relating to increased asthma exacerbations in locations designated by Local Authorities as Air Quality Management Areas (areas where the governments air quality guidelines will not be met by the relevant time period.)

Any thoughts or information would be appreciated.


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Hello Peter,

No I dont know of any but as a children's respiratory nurse I would be very interested. Lot of our patients parents say how much better they are when they are on holiday in warmer & cleaner environments. Certainly most of our severe chronic children are from more deprived areas of the community & this is supported by the reseach recently published by AUK.



Hi Ann

Thanks for the reply. Your experience is very interesting and makes me think that this is an area which should be looked into more fully. I'm currently seconded to the Health Protection Agency for two days a week and hope to approach Local Authorities on the subject with a view to begining to discover how many residents with asthma live in Air Quality Management Areas and whether they are at all aware of the fact. I'll keep you posted with any progress.



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