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new inhaler called FOFTAIR

Has anyone heard of this ? new drug for asthma? I have had a report from one of our parents that the GP has informed them that Seritide is not going to be available shortly - ? why not know, & that it is to be replaced with FOFTAIR. Our pharmacy is looking into it but wondered if other professionals out there had heard anything. Thanks


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Do you mean Fostair inhaler? It is a combination beclometasone and formoterol CFC-free pressurised metered-dose inhaler; extra-fine particles and is more potent than traditional beclometasone inhalers. Don't know much more about it. Not heard Seretide's becoming unavailable, maybe it's cost?


i havent heard of anyting...

as TJ says its normally to do with cost. FOSTAIR you mean, is a combination inh like seretide, though you may use it like the symbicort SMART regime... check with your pharmacist/ GP if they are going to prescribe this to you. i had this inh temp while in costa as they didnt do my norm symbicort inh that i was currently taking at the time (on neither of those inh now).

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Fostair is a combination inhaler of extra-fine beclometasone (like Qvar) and formoterol.

I have not heard anything regarding the discontinuation of Seretide at all.

Fostair does not have the licensing to enable it to be used on the SMART programme.

TBH the combination inhalers are pretty much equal in terms of cost.


Yes after discussions with our pharmacy team here in the hospital, I am now aware of it & it is Fostair. It is not licences for under 18 so our patient cannot have it despite what his GP says. Thanks


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