Children's Peak Flow diaries

Hello, I am having a spot of bother finding Paediatric Peak Flow/symptom diaries to use in my asthma clinic.

I used to stockpile Desmond Dragon but I am running low and A&H apparently don't make them anymore. Monty the Martian is also dying a death it would seem.

I am at the point where if I cant find some soon I will have to try and make one (as I am hopeless on the computer this could be enough to send me over the edge!).

The Asthma UK ones just aren't child-friendly enough for little ones (although absolutely super for bigger people).

Can anyone help?



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  • Interesting! I have recently been in touch with an A&H rep and she said she will get me some Desmond Dragon stuff for the Kick-Asthma hols in the summer.

    I don't know of any others, I'm afraid.

  • Hmmmmmmmm...interseting! In that case I will ring A&H again and pester them!

    Thanks for the tip off!


  • Hi - have been on COPD course today and bumped into Kirsty from GSK -- she confirmed that they are definitely still doing the Desmond Dragon stuff! So - pester away!

  • Children's Peak Flow Diaries


    If you can get a photocopy to me, I am reasonably good on the PC, and will design you one. I just wish my son was able to use one - it might help nursery/school and him understand symptoms better.

    email me at with contact details and I will get back to you.


  • Hi I am a children's respirtatory nurse.

    MSD certainly do a symptom diary for yougsters (Jamie the Elephant) which I use & think are great. By the time they are able to use a peak flow meter (7years) I give them them one from Asthma uk. I know they cost but our outpatients order them on none stock.


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