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Welcome Health Professionals!

Hi everyone and welcome to the health-professionals' forum!

This board is provided primarily for health professionals to discuss patient care, asthma care planning, medication etc etc.....in short, anything a health pro might want to know/discuss/find out!

It is a health-professionals-only board, and only members of AUK who have health professionals' accounts (by providing your health pro registration number) are able to read and post here.

Hopefully it will build into a useful resource.

Cathy ""CathBear"" Field

Health pro / Moderator.

2 Replies

sounds good

it is good to have the chance for professional discussions on-line.

i am looking for other health professionals' opinions at the moment. at the DGH on te respiratory ward and other wards too flowers are banned. I work in a community hospital and suffer greatly with all the flowers that are brought in. I have tried asking if anything can be done about it but have been told that it is infringing on patients' rights if we veto flowers from coming into he ward environment. I feel that I am not able to give of my best at times because of the influx of high pollen flowers eg lillies, but love my job so much that I don't want to have to move to work on a respiratory ward.


Any protocols or ICP's for mechanical ventilation for asthmatics?

Hi, I am a staff nurse in a ICU and would like to know if anyone has ran into any evidence-based protocols for mechanical ventilation for asthmatics/copds or integrated care plans? I am also an asthmatic and have a personal and professional interest in this topic. Thank you, Debra


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