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symbicort inhaler contents

Hi, I'm currently studying for the asthma diploma via educaton for health's elearning course. I've been reading (both education for healths coursework, and BNF) about symbicort and I've become confused as to its contents.

Both the BNF and education for health agree that it contains Formeterol as oxis 6 or oxis 12 and beclometasone 100, 200 or 400mcg.

They both agree that it comes as 100/6, 200/6 and 400/12.

Whilst the BNF states that oxis 6 is 4.5mcg and oxis 12 is 9mcg my coursework states that oxis 6 contains 6mcg of formeterol and oxis 12, 12mcg.

Which one is correct, or am I missing the point somewhere?

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Hello Marcy,

Our BNF says 6 & 12 so dont know where the other info is coming from.

Page 191 in BNF for children 2010-11 but dont have a adult on to see if there is any difference.

Check on line with the BNF & the company site to be sure



Similarly, I can't find reference to other figures - as far as I was aware, it's formoterol 6mcg and 12mcg.

I'm not sure whether you've just made a typo, as well, but the steroid in Symbicort is budesonide, not beclometasone.

Sometimes in pharmaceuticals you come across drug doses expressed as one dose as a salt (e.g. rhubarb hydrochloride) equivalent to a dose as its base (rhubarb). So, for example, you would have Rhubarb Hydrochloride 225mg tablets, equivalent to 208mg Rhubarb base. I've never come across this with formoterol, though, and certainly when I prescribe it it's as 200/6 or 400/12 and not 200/4.5, which is probably the important thing for this context.


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