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Just a moan space

been having a right time of it i have had a cold that has left me with such a bad cough i cant even sleep my asthma is playing up and i also was wondering does anyone else have the feeling like your throat has something blocking it when your asthma is bad and i was also wondering what i should do as a non wheezer when i have a bad attack what i should do or say when at A&E because i have been refused treatment because i was not wheezing but i never wheeze so was it just hyperventilation or my asthma ?? i would be grateful for replies

Amy xxx

ALSO wishing everyone on asthma uk a happy new year !

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Hi Amy. I some times get a throat problem when asthma is not good. I dont weeze hardly but if you are having breathing problems anytime and reliever not helping then its time to get help. Hope you feel a bit better soon xxx Edit-done on phone so could be squashed up when posted x Happy New Year xxx


I hyperventilate now and then. For me its different to asthma, but then I'm a wheezer which makes it easier for me. When my breathings messed up (before I start to hyperventilate) my GP suggested I breathe in for 2 seconds (through my nose); then breathe out for 3 seconds through my mouth.

I agree with Glynis though, if I'm not sure I take the safe way out and assume its asthma. I think I may've had a bit of both together at times.


Was I hyperventilating or was it asthma?

A very reasonable moan in my opinion! You might find a new asthma care website of interest that may also shed some light on your question at it is a little unusual as it presents the mainstream viewpoint of asthma as well as an alternative viewpoint, you decide for yourself what makes sense. The aim is to empower patients through better understanding.


I agree with the others that if you aren't sure if its hyperventilation or asthma it's better to be safe and get yourself checked over. All I can suggest is explaining to the A&E staff that you do not normally wheeze during an asthma attack and hope that they take it on board. If you have a peak flow meter and are able to take you peak flow it might help them assess you. The only other thing I can think of is a perhaps getting letter from your doctor, there are a few people on the boards who always carry a letter from their consultant outlining their care plan, so I assume that you might be able to get something similar to explain that you don't wheeze.

Have you read the factfile on anxiety and asthma in the all about asthma section? It talks about hyperventilation, panic attacks and how to tell them apart from asthma. If you think that hyperventilation is a problem for you then have a chat with your doctor as they might be able to refer you to learn breathing exercises to keep it under control.



Aren't you promoting your own business there?


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