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Dilemma ??

my asthma syptoms have gotten alot worse since new years eve my throat feels like it is stuck together and im getting quite severe chest pains im not at the point where i need to go to A&E but i haven't got a doctors appointment till the 4th so should i just sit tight or go to the walk in ???

advice plz

and also i wanted to know do i go to my doctors if im having a moderate/mild attack or do i try to take it on ?? thanks to those who reply

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Would get seen to asap ! We can not give out medical advise only and swap stories and info. if you are bad then A n E or walk in centre . x Good luck and hope u feel better soon.Always better to play safe if worse xxx if your asthma is bad its always wise to see Gp for a med review. On my phone so hope not come over harsh as not ment to. Take care love Glynis x



If you need help then get it sooner rather than later. They will understand, whether its walk-in or A+E+, take care and get better soon.



Go to walk-in if you're capable, A&E if you're not.

Lost count of the amount of times I've gone to walk-in and been told ""you shouldn't have left it this late."" Remember, attacks can build up over a period of hours or even days - the longer you leave it, the worse it's possibly going to get. Hopefully not, but that's my pattern!!

NEver, ever, ever feel bad about wasting their time. Asthma is too volatile - and as my GP keeps telling me - better a short visit to a walkin, a quick listen to the chest and some pred, than a blues and twos situation culminating in an admission. :o)

Good luck, and feel better!!



Now we have 111 aswell as 999 why not give them a call and let them decide your next step.

Hope this helps


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