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Exercise and coughing


This is just a random question. I went to the doctor about a year ago as I had a cold that went on my chest and made it hard to breathe. The doctor said my PF was a bit low and gave me a ventolin inhaler, but didn't say I have asthma. Anyway, I recovered, and am now fine on the whole, but I have a lot of trouble when I exercise (I cough a lot and find it hard to catch my breath). The same thing happens when I'm near cats or in the summer when I have hayfever. Could this be asthma? I don't seem to wheeze...

Sorry to bother you!


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I have asthma but tend to cough more than wheeze


exrcise n coughing

hi CathS

exactly same thing happened to me this year - had chest infection and cough since xmas, ended up in AE cos coughing went into spasm/not breathing fit - they diagnosed ?asthma ?copd and gave me ventolin - gp still hasnt confirmed diagnosis (before this never had any chesty colds and i'm 50 this year) but now have brown inhaler too, coughing still troubles me on exercise, going upstairs, uphill and in cold, windy weather. i have two dogs and 4 guinea pigs and i'm fine with them. perhaps you should go back to gp for another check up as its been a year or so.

good luck



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