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Vitalograph meter

My 17 yr old son has decided he might be asthmatic so took himself along to the docs and now has to do the usual one month diagnostic peak flows. He has been given a vitalograph meter. I have tried looking up on the internet to find average normal recordings but can't find specific vitalograph ones. Does this meter give similar reading to the normal EU peak fllow meter or lower? I tried doing it this morning and got 50 less than my pf 3hrs ago on my EU meter.

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I have a vitalograph meter it goes by the EU scale so i dont know why you would get different reading than your normal peak flow meter!

this site is good if you would like to calculate what your sons predicted peak flow should be

theres also an on screen converter to show the difference between the old values and new.

I think all meters now use the EU scal unless you have a meter that was made before 2004 when the new values started to be used.

hope this helps



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