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got any tips for flying?

HI all

hope this finds you 'reasonably well'

I've been home 2 weeks now and i am going to take hubby to Barcelona for 2days (please don't think I'm completelt mad) ""mad as toast"" seems to be a quote that springs to mind

but my question is much as I'm feeling pretty good a prsent, is ther any top tips out there that might make flying easier. I will take neb with me in the hope I won't need it plus all meds

does anyone have probs carrying meds?

advice appreciated

Sarah aka Parys

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tips for flying

Always have a doctors note with you i know not everyone looks at them but recently travelling back from amsterdam with a friend i had a note he didnt and the dutch security made him leave his meds. Also i recently was flying with easyjet and explained at check in that i had Asthma and Anaphylaxis and they offered to put a block on the serving of any of my triggers? best piece of advice is to keep calm and relaxed dont over heat and bring tons of water keep hydrated and enjoy yourself



Have a doctor or hospital write a letter in spanish just in case you end up in hospital, so that the doctors would no about your condition


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