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Asthma and Stress

I was jsut wondering how people deal with stress and manage to keep thei asthma control. I have recently had really good asthma control but over the past few weeks been really stressed by soemthign that has happened and am now waking alot at ngiht with wheezing and coughing and during the day symptoms are creeping in where they didnt before.

I finding it quite difficult to keep control. I am going to the dr for asthma clinic on monday so will speak them but if it gets worse I will get help sooner jsut wondered if anyone has anytips on keeping control even though stressed?


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Its vicious circle isn't it you know you are under stress so you stress about that stress making your asthma worse. Olive do you have anyone you can talk to someone to help you share the load, sometimes it is hard to tell people but honestly having someone who is in the know and it can help a lot.

I worried that my eldest son would go off the rails, I spent a lot of time bailing him out and doing what I could do shield and protect him. When I was ill last year I could not do anything for him and my sister intervened sat him down had a long chat with him, upshot is he has now moved away, with his wonderful girlfriend, they are both earning well, he has been promoted already and she has been put on the management course where she works, they are now looking at buying a flat. When he comes home he is a different person, and best of all his relationship with father has improved, he can talk to his father without it ending in an arguement and his girlfriend who had a very troubled time at home is brimming with confidence I can't beleive the change in both of them.

I wish I had allowed my sister to help out sooner, she was quickly able to see the problem and find a solution to it. I was not doing anything wrong but I was covering the problem with my eldest instead of addressing it and that was because I had no idea how to address it or even what the root of the problem was. Now when things are getting too much I talk to my Mum, my aunt or my sister they are all desperate to help me as much as they can and now I allow them to do it, it means I can concentrate on staying well.




Hey fruitloop !!

hay matey hope u are ok spoke with Kat earlier and she explained if you need a chat im always around !!

I agree the more u worry the more u stress the worst your asthma is ,especially when you are forced into feeling so down aswell .

dont let you it get you down hun i know easier said then done ..

but if u need me im here love roxy xx


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