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Going bannas with the asthma on the TV and how much attention people pay to it

Really didnt know what to put as the title but I am going bannas. I had an asthma attack recently which was initaially not a bad attack at all but I was with people who i didnt know and they all ended up argueing about how to deal with me having an attack. I couldnt talk so couldnt tell them I knew what i was doing and leave me alone but they kept saying that they had seen people on either holby city or casualty or other programmes that this was how they dealt with attacks.

I got more and more worked up by this and the group of people I was with tried putting me in the recovery position etc. I was so scared by all this. I have had so many attacks and know what to do but because all these poeople were tryign to interfere i got very worked up and made the attack worse.

In the end an ambulance was eventually called.

The whole point of this post is that I was so scared by the way the people I was with were wanting to treat the asthma attack. I guess I was lucky that I knew what I was doing to some degree (as much as you can when you have an attack) but i still couldnt take complete control of the situation and I think had i been on my own I would have been ok and would not have needed to go to hospital.

It worries me that had this been an attack in someone who didnt really know what to do and was new to asthma then it could have been even more serious than it was.

Sorry its so jumbled. I am not sure If I should write to anyone about this experience to show how serious it is and show how much people actually take in from watching things on TV and how much they remember it.


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For your peace of mind, I would suggest that you talk to all your friends about this incident, how it made you feel, and discuss what they should do if it happens in the future in their presence. Also if you don't already have a written Asthma Plan, and inform all your friends that you carry this at all times, and in the event of an Asthma Attack get them to follow your written wishes according to the circumstances that present at that time.

TV is great at overdoing things, I watch Casualty, Holby City and we all know who have to use the NHS services on a regular basis that real life is not like TV. But many people get so involved with what they see they can't tell between reality and soap opera, some of my family talk about certain events on soap operas as if it was Mr and Mrs Smith 2 doors up the street.


if only hospitals were like holby, go in in the morning, get diagnosed and treated all in the same day....nice dream but we wake up!


Hi olive,

I'm sorry to hear about what you went through:-(

I know where you're coming from. People react in different ways. Some panick because they don't know what to do and others stay calm(like me thank god)

I'm always glad when I'm with people who know what to do. Had an attack at work the other day(coughing and wheezy badly) and my poor colleague was in a worse state then me! I told her I was fine as best as I could but she was so concerned and all that because she didn't know what to do!

Well u took my inhaler and it eased off luckily after a few mins.

It's very important for us to let people know about what to do and that many times an attack can be eased with inhaler and calming people.

It doesn't always have to end up in A&E.

Good luck olive and I hope it won't happen again.

Love Lydia


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