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Hi everyone my name is Emma. I am new to the forum and to asthma. I am 34 years old and only diagnosed 6 months ago. Since this time I have had 4 admissions the last one being Tuesday. I had what was described as a severe attack requiring lots and lots nebs,oxygen and iv magnesium. I must say I am finding it quite hard to accept that I have asthma as I had no problems as a child and was terrified on tues, had the attack In front of my 2 year old daughter which was upsetting for her also. I am recovering at home now on week course steroids and antibiotic. A&e doc suggested this attack was triggered by chest infection. I have been signed off work for a week and due to see asthma nurse on tues. I am currently taking symbicort, ventolin as and when ( a lot at the moment!), montekulast, loratidine and mucodyne. Still feeling tight and short of breath so trying to take it easy. It's nice to be able to write this down knowing that you will all understand what I am going through! Thanks for reading x x

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hi emma im the same i had asthma as a child but im now having to deal with it as an adult i went from a healthy 20 year old to a can hardly breathe 20 year old. I am in shock and i got told just over a year ago. Im amanda by the way


It is very scarey I have never quite used to what happens to me in a severe attack. Sounds like you are getting good medical support. When you go to asthma nurse I would try and tell them exactly how you feel... they will listen and understand and perhaps make suggestions. I also find it useful to talk with other people who are going through similar things I feel that this makes it feel much less issolating.


Hi Emma

I was going to say welcome to the forums.

But its bit like saying congratulations you have asthma!!

Seriously though, youve come to the right place.

Asthma is horrible & scary, tiring, depressing and all the other things you dont want in life.

But the people here will offer friendship, advice & help in any way they can.

So based on this, i will say

Welcome to the forums :)


Hi Emma. My name is Dave, I'm 54 and have been asthmatic since birth. I understand your fear and frustration perfectly. As well as the usual treatments there alternative methods to help you. Try and use special breathing techniques and meditation. These will help to keep you stress free and therefore less likely to have an attack. They work for me. You can find information on these methods on google. Message me anytime. Take care sweetheart. Dave.


hi emma

welcome to the forum

feel free to rant and rave ay frustration you have ;) and ask lots of questions. thats wot this forum is for. you will find we all have varying degrees of asthma severity and lots of experiences to compare.

asthma can be very daunting and so we try to comfot each other an support each other through difficult times.

be sure to work your way trough the website as it has a lot of info for you and your family to help you understand a lot more bout asthma, which can also help put ur mind at ease. they also have publications which you can order free, or give donations for, so you can read through maybe with family. including asthna at work, action plan and peak flow diary :)

also, talk to close friends and family bout your asthma to help them understand what your going through. maybe that would help with your child being round if you have an attack in front of her, they may be calm, that will calm her so she not so scared?

anyways feel free to message me anytime :)

x x x


Hi Emma, Can I say Welcome to the club? I have had asthma for 50+ years now and I am still learning about it. The best advice I can give is to be honest with yourself and do not deny what is happening. Above all keep taking the medication and listen to your body. Be open with the GP's and nurses and tell them you do not understand if they tell you something you do not understand. We are here for a good rant and maybe the odd venting of the spllen when you get frustrated. I recently found out that two of my neighbours have asthma and we all kept it quiet about it until they asked why I was off work. Remember you are not alone. xx


Hi Emma, Can't really add to what the others have said other than welcome to the forum, and I hope things improve for you.


Hi guys thank you all for your kind replies. Unfortunately ended up in costa last night, been discharged now, on strict instruction to go back if go downhill again. Feeling worn out but glad to be home!


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