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Worried about my job!

Having spent the past year constantly getting pneumonia and asthma attacks seems my firm are now becomming sick of paying me to not be there. Have had a message to say that they cannot guarantee I will be paid for this absence with double pneumonia. I am not sure what to do now. I won't be able to pay the bills but don't feel well enough to go back yet. Does anyone know to to get benefits or anything about being pensioned off. I am now worried sick but can see where they are coming from. Please help someone I am out of my depth here.

Many thanks

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Go to your local job centre, union or acas for advice. Asthma is classed as a disability and not east for your employer just to pay you off. They gotta assess your working ability and redeployment within the workplace before pAying you off or consider you for retirement on I'll health. Don't know how it works regarding pay sorry. Hope this helps.


HI geli

like you I have had lots of time off this year and last year and had my union Occupational health and human resorces out trying sort out my job.

Your asthma is coverd by Disability descriminations act and can not loose your job if asthma related so try not to worry.

The next step for you would be OH they will see if your job can be made easier for you as they have to by law make reasanable alterations to your job and HR will come to work also to see whats beeing done for you.So hope make it better for you.

If you are in the union get them in from the start they are there for you with OH on your side.

If your job is causing your asthma probs then OH and HR and union will make sure everything can be done and if have no job for you that is ok will then have to pay you off.

Try claim what you can and that will help also.ring citisons advice line etc.

I won my battle and now working doing my job I love and get help when needed,so dont worry,if your doc can put asthma related problems on club notes if it is and your job should be ok still.

welcome pm me any time if you need a chat as been down that road love Glynis xxx


hi geli

carnt pm you unless you op to let us.you can see as your name comes up in black xxx


Hi, I've no magic answer but just wanted to show a bit of solidarity as I think I'm heading down this road too - I hope things work out ok.



went through HR and OH For arthritis and cast on foot and won

had a asthma flair up at work but attack came later at tea time .work keeping me in out of the cold and sending me OH and HR for one flair up even though put on pred that night again,so they got a fight on again. who in their right mind would send me HR and OH for no time off due to asthma and one day with a flair up,com on get real as asthma coverd by DDA and doing job with no time off and attack at home n

ot work.love to here any one who wants to comment xxxx

ps,got normal to high bracket asthma hosp said,awaiting reverse air way results and having heart tests,not worried about them had scans last year on heart and ok.

just dont know whats setting my attacks off but never had one at work and only work one and half hours a day xxx


maybe they are sending you to oh and hr so they cant be blamed as making your asthma worse

...... and maybe looking at ways of reducing symptoms at work..


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