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peak flow 'diary'

Hi all,

Went to see a GP (a locum, as the one nice doctor I had seen at the practice has now left) last week after I'd had my an attack for the first time in about 6 months. She told me that going up to the next level of medication would require seeing a doctor at the hospital, so instead I should leave it and keep a diary of my peak flow. She thinks there is some kind of trigger that I'm missing, though I'm not convinced - I keep my flat very clean, it has laminate floor, no pets and no smokers. She kept asking me questions that the answer was no so I'm desperately seeking some kind of trigger. The worst thing is that 3 days later, I had another attack. :( feeling pretty down and like I can't go back to speak to the doctor as she didn't take me seriously.

I don't know what to do. Any replies would be really welcome.


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it could just be that you have been unlucky or more prob that you are missing something. at times i dont know what has set me off and ive got loads of triggers. keep going with the diary and it could help with any future allergy tests etc. xxx


Hi Natalie

Just wondering...Do you have a problem with pollen//hay fever? I hadn't had an attack for quite a while but have had three in the last 10 days. The pollen is high and gardening//cutting grass etc. seems to have triggered attacks. Ugh! Beautiful time of year but dread the pollen!

Hope this helps???

Take care.



A paramedic told me today pollen is and something from trees that are so tiny has been affecting the lungs of asthmatics due to its finess in recent days so be careful. He said look at window screen to get an ideas of its size.

If you still feel unwell get help. I visited my gp in the morning and ended up in hospital by the afternoon because asthma can really become problematic at any time.

Ring AUK(Asthma UK) Nurses on monday they can give you sound advice too I found.



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