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Asthma - making me fat and unhappy

Hello all,

I'm new to the forums so thanks for reading my post.

Basically, I've had asthma since I was a baby (now 21) and had it reasonably well controlled first with nebs and then just inhalers. However over the last 10 months it has got a LOT worse - gone from mild symptoms to almost constant wheezing and chest pressure.

It started off with nebs and prednisolone courses and then I went onto Seretide 500 (from symbicort) - it worked initially, but lately I am feeling dreadful again. I saw my asthma nurse today, and she gave me another prescription for Montelukast (which she had taken me off because she said it didn't work and was expensive for the practice to prescribe!). If that doesn't work its back on the prednisolone again, so fingers crossed it does!

However, I also brought up the fact that the inhaler is making me put on weight (just over a stone in about 7 months). I have always enjoyed food but lately I just can't shift the weight - and given that i'm used to being slim and quite physically fit, its hard being the way I am now. The nurse said just to cut down on portions and look for low cal options - that's fine, but I think I have quite a healthy diet as it is. I don't consume excessive numbers of calories, but find it really hard to diet. I tend to find myself skipping meals instead. Has anyone else experienced weight gain? If so, what worked? Exercise is a bit difficult at the moment, as i'm going through a rough patch with a chest infection, and with my asthma worse doing things like walking to uni which i usually ALWAYS do aren't happening. Guess i just sit at home instead.

Also have a history of depression - I'm worried that after a year of keeping it under control, asthma is tipping me over the edge again. I've tried to talk to friends about it, but they aren't asthma sufferers and just said ""it'll be fine when you come off the medication"" - which is a bit of a kick in the face given it doesn't look likely that I'll be coming off this dose for a while (my next review is mid May).

Sorry for the long first post,

grateful for any replies



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