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Asthma and pregnancy

OMG! have just found out I'm pregnant! Sooo excited!

Luckily have a routine appointment with the asthma nurse this week so will be able to discuss it with her. I'm on seretide and singulair at the moment - had a big flare up before christmas and started the singulair which has made an amazing difference, I forgot to take one the other night and noticed the difference the next morning. I guess i'm just a bit nervous about being on medication and pregnant but know that I've got to be fit and healthy.

Have read the stuff on the site about asthma and pregnancy but wondered if anyone had any experiences they wouldn't mind sharing....


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Congratulations! There have been quite a few posts on asthma and pregnancy - bumped up the latest thread for you. I had a bad chest infection towards the end of my pregnancy and had steroids n antibiotics (AND a chest Xray) - also took all my asthma meds throughout as advised by GP.

Good luck and I hope all goes well.


Many congratulation and stern instructions to your lungs to behave themselves nicely over the coming months.


Congratulations Louise, how exciting!!!!!!

I know you will worry regardless cos even when you have nothing to worry about healthwise during pregnancy you still worry! Lol :-)

I took seretide 250 throughout my pregnancy, had a chest infection so needed antibiotics and steroids and was so reasured when the midwife and gp explained how brilliant the placenta is and what a great filtration system it us. Basically the most minute, if any, amounts of meds get through to the baby, well below a level that would do anything to it.

The body really us amazing and it will look after your baby for you.



Thank you for all your replies had an appoinrnt with asthma nurse and also spoke to asthma uk who have put my mind at rest about medication. Now just have to contain my excitement for next few months and fingers crossed for no adthma flare ups!





I've had 3 pregnancies and 3 different experiences with my asthma. Bottom line though is take the meds!!

Geina xx


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