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type of inhalers and age

hi my daughter is 2 ,but she has been suffering with her breathing since she was bourn we kept getting told she was fine then from six mouths on she was in and out of hospital and at dr's every week they kept saying she had a viral infection in the end they but her on the ventalin inhaler but did not work for her and still kept ending up in hospital and drs now she is on atrovent inhaler which it say not to be given to under 4's' plus on the brown inhaler both to be taking twice a day 2 puffs each time and the blue one if needed she takes them really well but I'm scared in case its too much for her little body but if i don't give it to her her breathing gets worse and she does not have a nurse yet even tho i've asked to see one. she has had a cough now for over three weeks' it's getting worse but if i take her to dr's they say I'm doing every thing' is they any thing else i could do?

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Hi and welcome.

So sorry to hear about your daughter. Many medications are not licensed for under a certain age simple because the clinical data isn't available to support their use. You will find that many medicines are used off license perfectly OK like your daughter is currently on without any serious complications. Long term use of inhaled steroids for children can cause slower growth.

Atrovent is actually OK for under 6's 1 puff 3 times a day, no lower age limit that I can see.


Hi there so sorry your daughter is going through. When my Ryan was only 10 weeks old he put on atrovent 1 puff twice a day and to start off with it was amazing we went a whole month without a visit to the doctors or hospital but then at 14 weeks went down hill again. We then changed dcotors when he was 16 weeks as I wasn't taking the hell that dsoctor wa giving me. The new doctor gave him ventolin 100mg and that helped but still wasn't controlling the asthma.Then they gave him the brown inhaler 100mg every morning only when he was only 10 months. For some reason back in 2002 they tried not to give babies preventor inhalers or if they did have to give them a go then it was only given in the morning to help open the airways more. He is know 8 and is on 200mg Ventolin as required, 100mg Clenic twice a day and when we get it back he will be back on 25mg Serevent twice a day. We are on week 3 of an asthma challenge and not going well. Only got 1 week left and then it will be green inhaler back as he is not his normal hyper self and he is now having disturbed sleep due to coughing


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