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Hi all :)

Tomorrow I am off to see a kinesiologist after recommendations from close family friends. They have helped with a lot of their family problems, including IBS, ADHD etc.

I am literally willing to try anything to help me out as I am ending up in A&E/being admitted at least once a week at the moment with severe attacks, 9 times out of 10 resulting in resus. It is all getting scary and I am not sure how much more my poor body can take!!!

I am most certainly not putting my eggs in one basket, but I am going to remain optimistic as we have to try these things and medication isn't everything! The kinesiologist has treated severe asthma before, so I can only pray and hope. Sessions are £55 a pop, but anything is worth a try hey!!

Has anybody had this treatment before or know anybody who has had kinesiology?


UPDATE: well, I had my consulation today for 15 minutes and the lady had 20 years experience, and started off treating asthmatics! She knew things that I didn't even think she would know, and has given me a stress reliever exercise to do at home. I am very hopeful, keep you updated!!!

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I've never heard of Kinesiology so I've had a bit of a look around but I don't think I'd have found anything more than you already know.

I'd be interested to know how you get on, though, and wish you lots of luck with it.



hey SB ;)

never heard of that :S

good luck and let me know how u get on babe!! hope all goes well, you deserve it x x x


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