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Xolair injection unsuccessful

Hi all :)

I have just completed my 16 week trial of the xolair injection, and unfortunately it hasn't worked for me. I still have asthma attacks once a week and in the past month i have had 2 hospital admissions, not to mention the 4 last year, on top of the other weekly attacks!!

I was just wondering if there was any body else whom the xolair hadn't worked for, and what your next steps were? It is getting very frustrating now not finding a treatment that works for me, as I have been signed off work since last July and it is starting to get me down!

Anybody else with a smiliar story? I would be extrememly grateful to hear from you x

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same story

hi i had tried xloair for the trail had stopped using ventilon as much and was feeling good but on the last dose had a bad reaction tounge swelled up and couldt breath had to stop straight away and now asthma not been controlled at all despite been on an awful lot of meds i think cobs are talking about the sub cut route!!


I tried Omalizamub too and was doing well on it for 4 doses, unfortunately on the 5th I took an anaphylactic reaction and had to stop even though it was helping. Now I'm on s/c Terbutaline along with all sorts of other stuff. Theophylline helped for a while but put me in SVT twice so thats had to be reduced to a dose that wouldn't be helpfull. As soon as my levels are within therapeutic range I get SVT :(


Sorry to hear your trial of xolair has not worked for you... unfortunately I have not been unable to try xolair as my IgE levels are to high, but I have been off work since september and like you I am having problems finding a treatment that works (tried most combinations both licensed and unlicensed medications over a number of years). So would be interested to see what other alternative treatments have been prescribed by various consultants. If you want a chat please feel free to PM me...


my xolair sevn month trial didnt work either. i am posibly going to have bricanyl.subcutaneous.non stop.


Hi there,

I just thought this interesting...I'm supposed to start using humira for psoriatic arthritis (which is a biologic drug), and was reading somewhere that some studies are being done of using arthritis biologic meds for asthma. I guess it would be like other medication options in the xolair class of drugs. So here's for hoping that some new asthma research is being done...because as a friend of mine who has really bad seizures says....there are treatments that are down the pipeline and that are yet to be discovered.


P.S. I get SVT too from my reliever sucks.


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