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ok after a couple of weeks being in my zone 1, i dropped spectacularly and without warning in to low end zone 2. ventolin isnt helping for longer, i'm shaking the house from the foundation with my cough (sister in law can FEEL the vibrations when i cough lying down) and my squeaky wheeze is starting to annoy me, not at passing out point (was last night but when the buses stop my bike is the only way of getting around) but getting a little frustrated.

any ideas?

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have u been to see your doc? or do you have a cold or anything? i find my asthma can be very erratic - for example today i've had no problems at all where as quite a few days last week it was really bad and i felt it was almost serious enough to call for help - my attacks are shorter but the feel a lot worse and a lot scarier. i've been told it could be due to the cold weather but i'm quite doubtful of that one.


got my usual sniffle but thats about it, not been to see doc cos they dont do anything but tell you that you have a virus (even when your stomach is in constant pain and you actually have appendicitus). Is it really worth the hassle and stress of being fobbed off?


Well, yes Wendy. Of course it is!

What do you think your GP is there for? If you're not having any luck with them, why not ask to see one of the other doctors at your practice.

We can't diagnose your problems via the Internet. Seek medical advice, please!


will do :) sorry this came after a very stressful time, but i'll ask the doc as my meds might need changing

thanks for the support


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